Julián Ávila Durán

Dpto. Química Inorgánica C7
Despacho 301
Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


    Julian Avila Duran obtained his degree in Chemistry in 2021 from the Autonomous University of Madrid. During this year he did his final undergraduate research in the Nanomater group of the inorganic chemistry department about “Covalent and porous organic polymers based on pyrimidine and melamine” under the supervision of Prof. Felix Zamora. Later, in 2022 he finished his MSc in Applied Chemistry, with specialization in Molecular Chemistry and Materials Chemistry from the Autonomous University of Madrid. He did his master’s thesis in the department of inorganic chemistry on “MnO nanoparticles functionalized with thiosemicarbazone complexes as contrast agents in Magnetic Resonance Imaging” under the supervision of Prof. Elena Lopez Torres and Prof. Mª Antonia Mendiola. Later, in 2023 he obtained his MSc in Organic Chemistry from the Autonomous University of Madrid, doing his master’s thesis under the supervision of Prof. Mª Marta Iglesias about “Porous organic materials for applications in photocatalysis” in the department of multifunctional and supramolecular materials of the Madrid Institute of Materials Science (ICMM). During the same year he also completed a postgraduate course titled “Preparation, characterization and applications of coatings and thin films” at the ICMM.


    He is currently in pursuit of his PhD at the Autonomous University of Madrid under the supervision of Prof. Pilar Amo Ochoa and Prof. Oscar Castillo García working on new metal-organic materials designed to function as photocatalysts for the production of hydrogen, the recovery of CO2 and the remediation of contaminated waters. In addition, their possible application is also studied as light downshifters to improve the performance of photovoltaic solar cells.

    ORCIID code: 0009-0007-0888-3994