Graphene shows exceptional physical properties including ultrahigh electron mobility, quantum Hall effect and ballistic charge carrier transport, transparency, extremely high breaking strength and Young Modulus. Based on its prominent physical properties several device prototypes have already shown potential applications in electronics, sensors, catalysis, ion exchange, molecular adsorption, magnetics, energy storage and conversion, just to mention a few of them.
Our research addresses the development of methods for mass production of respectively, few layers graphene suspensions and films for specific large area applications with important added value: Conformal Coatings, Transparent Electrodes, Printable Inks and Membranes. The central core of this project is based on a novel approach recently developed in our laboratory to produce high quality suspensions and powders of few layers graphene. The simple, high reproducible and low-cost procedure is based on liquid phase exfoliation of graphite in water-organic mixture of solvents. We will present this procedure for a patent in “graphene-inks and coatings”.