Our Review Article “Electrical conductive coordination polymers” selected by Chem. Soc. Rev. for the First Issue of the Year 2012 and as inside cover.

Our Review in Nanoscale “2D materials: to graphene and beyond” selected by the RCS as ´Physics Nobel 2010 Web Collection´and from Oct 2010 Ten of the Most downloaded articles

Paper: Highly conductive nanoribbons of coordination polymers. Nature Nanotech. 2010, 5, 110-115.

Our New Plataform devoted to Science Divulgation: NanoMadrid

Scientific News of our Molecular Wires

Our work on Molecular Wires highligted by the national newpaper “EL MUNDO” (see the interview)

“NANOINNOVA” Spin-off company of the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid coming from our laboratory

Was awarded by:

“3M Foundation”AWARDED BY CIADE 2008 (under the old name “Naxon”)

AWARDED BY BANCAJA 2008 ( under the old name “Naxon”)

AWARDED BY madri+d 2008